5 Reasons to Choose Competitive Website Designing Company
30 June, 2021

5 Reasons to Choose Competitive Website Designing Company

Here in Dubai and in fact all around the UAE if you are a business without a website, you literally don’t exist for a majority of the audience. These days the internet has become a very important aspect of marketing and communication. If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist for a large audience. The websites are not only providing an online medium to communicate with your customers and possible prospects but they also represent the business in the online world. Your website is your brand’s identity. The user experience and customer journey you offer through your website play an important role in your brand identity and brand reputation. If your website is doing well, it will leave a very positive impression on the visitors, hence it will help you build a positive brand image which will enhance the brand reputation and help you improving conversion rates. A good brand reputation is always very helpful in converting leads into sales. No matter what you do or at what scale do you operate, if you are a business and operating in Dubai or any other part of the UAE, you must have to have an excellent website.

While the world is witnessing a huge change in the marketing and communication industry with more revenue spent on digital marketing and more outcome is generating through digital mediums, a business or corporate website is essential these days. Now with that being said, the question arises how to design a website that can help a business grow. The simplest answer is to choose the right web design for Dubai company.

In this blog we will discuss 5 reasons to choose a competitive website designing company in UAE:

Reason No. 1: It will save You Time & Money

It will save You Time & Money

Hiring a competitive web designing company in Dubai, UAE will save you a lot of money and time. As the UAE market is flooded with web designing companies and freelancers, it is crucial to choose only the best company for you. The ideal way is to search for web designing companies and then compare them on the basis of their work, clientele, project execution process, and of course the price. The competitive web designing company will be able to give you a good price, quicker project delivery, and other benefits too. Make a budget and set a goal for the project. For example, you want to revamp your brand identity or you want to increase online leads and conversions or online purchases. Whatever the goal is, you better make sure that the two things you have in hand before contacting or evaluating any web designing agency are your budget limit and your goals.

A competitive web designing agency will be able to offer you great services at an excellent cost. Try to negotiate the cost to keep it under your budget and try to set the deadline a few days or at least a week before your actual targeted date. The competitive website designing firm will be professional and resourceful, they would easily be able to manage the project within the agreed timeframe. This will save you a lot of time and effort too, as they would be proactive and persuasive in their approach to finish the project in a timely manner. Another great advantage would be the cost, you can negotiate more features and you can get a better user experience within the same cost.

Reason No. 2: It Can Provide You Better Ideas Relevant to Your Industry

It Can Provide You Better Ideas Relevant to Your Industry

A competitive website designing company will try to satisfy you with their professional skills and quality of work. They will definitely offer you great designs and will support you with revisions and amendments too. In a website the first thing anyone notice is the design, several studies showed that it requires only 50 milliseconds or so to build an impression of a business in a user’s subconscious mind. This impression matters a lot, if the design is good, it will compel the user to explore the site further, if the impression is bad the user will remain skeptical throughout their visit. So, it is extremely important to leave a positive impression on your users when they land on your website. The next important thing is the content and visual representation. Then comes the navigation and other website features.

A competitive website designing company will always offer the best design and user experience. They will focus more on attaining your objectives with their web designs and user experience. They will offer you several user interfaces to choose from. You can also ask them to suggest you the best if you are not familiar with those technicalities. They will be helpful and super creative with their designs and approaches. A competitive website designing company will always try to stand out from the others, so they will always propose to you something modern, advanced, and innovative. You can have more options to choose from. This way you can build a better customer journey to ensure you will easily reach your objectives of the project.

A competitive website designing company will also offer you great user interfaces with multi-lingual support and maybe some accessibility features too. Such features really amplify the user experience and improve the overall customer journey on the website. Multi-lingual support is very common in UAE, as most of the ex-pats prefer the English language but the national language is Arabic so, both languages can really enhance your customer experience and help you build a positive reputation online.

Reason No. 3: It will Provide You Responsive Website

It will Provide You Responsive Website

These days most of the websites made are responsive, but usually, customers don’t know that website designing agencies charge them extra for a responsive website. A responsive website is a website that offers an almost identical user experience and customer journey on smartphones and mobile devices as well. Such websites have special source codes that can sense the device from where it is being opened from. This code can sense it within a few milliseconds, even before the page is loaded, then the website automatically renders itself according to the screen size and rearrange different design elements, sections, and navigation to fit into the screen. This all process is done automatically but everything has to be made compatible with this feature. A competitive website designing company in Dubai will offer responsive websites without any additional charges.

The responsive feature is vital for a business website these days. As the internet searches made from a smartphone or mobile device had already surpassed the traditional internet searches from laptop and desktop computers. Having a responsive feature on the website is extremely important. If a website doesn’t have a responsive feature the website will look very small on the smartphone screen, and the user will have to zoom in and scroll here and there to reach various elements and the content readability also decreases significantly, most of the time people simply quit such sites and move on to the next website. It also leaves a very bad impression on the visitors and they might avoid such websites even if they are searching from the desktop or laptop. So, having a responsive website is very important for a business and a competitive website designing company offers this feature without extra cost and in addition to the timeline of the project.

Reason No. 4: It Can Provide You Competitive Edge by Designing SEO Friendly Website

It Can Provide You Competitive Edge by Designing SEO Friendly Website

You must be thinking what are SEO-friendly websites? Well, the website that is designed and build as per the search engine standards is a SEO-friendly website. SEO or search engine optimization involves various methods and techniques to make a website more visible for the search engine. The search engine reads a website using its automated programs, also known as robots, spiders, or scrapers. These spiders are assigned with the task to scan a website and determine which category or niche it belongs too, and what is the topic, agenda, or objective of the page. Then the search engine list those websites in the SERP or ‘search engine result page’ against the relevant search term.

For example, you are offering travel and tourism services, or insurance services or you are selling power tools or any other item online. The search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) will scan your website and index it into their repositories. Once a user came to a search engine such as Google, and they type in ‘Best Travel and Tourism Operators in Dubai’ or any such keyword or key-phrase in Google, Google will return them the results with your website listing into it. This way a prospect can reach your website and then your website can become a medium of online leads or conversions. This is called organic SEO or organic traffic generation. A competitive website designing company will always focus on SEO and such features that can help you in the future to grow and achieve your long-term objectives.

Reason No. 5: It Will Provide You a Secure & Robust Website

It Will Provide You a Secure & Robust Website

These days with the rise of online and digitalization, data security, privacy, and online safety are emerging as a big global problem. As for a business website, some businesses might capture some user data from contact forms, online purchases, or any other online methods. This data has to remain confidential. Moreover, certain websites may also contain information and content which is for official or company’s internal usage only. In such cases, data security and online protective measures became extremely important. A good and competitive website designing company will also help you with website security and safety measures, such as making the input fields and forms secure, so no one can upload any malicious file or source code through the website forms. Then they will also install SSL or HTTPS to ensure further security.

With all those fancy features, heavy graphics, multimedia content, pictures, and in some cases videos, the website should have to be very robust, otherwise, the visitors will leave the site and move on to other web pages. A competitive website designing company must ensure that having all those bulky media and content, the website still loads quickly. For that, there are certain techniques and methods, only a professional web design Dubai company like RSI Concepts can ensure great content management and quicker loading speed. The hosting also played a vital role in making websites load faster, so it is important to have good hosting along with optimized website source code to ensure the fastest possible website load time.


A website is extremely important for a business these days. If you are a business, enterprise, or any commercial establishment based and/or operating in Dubai or any part of UAE, having a great website can improve your brand identity and brand image. This is why marketers are very concerned about their online brand presence, especially the business website. It is always great to acquire a profession for such an important task. This blog was about 5 reasons to choose a competitive website designing company for your web design project. The reason for this blog was to provide our audience with a brief understanding of the industry standards and common practices in the market. A competitive website designing company will save you a lot of time and money and will provide you with great web designs, SEO-friendly, smartphone-compatible, and a robust website. They will take care of the security and technical details for you, and will always try to provide you with a great quality service. RSI Concepts is one of the leading web design Dubai agency, we have helped hundreds of businesses and enterprises to improve their customer experience and customer journey with beautiful interactive and business-oriented web designs to help our clients in improving their revenue and growth. Feel free to reach us out through our Contact Us page or leave a comment in the comment box below and we will get in touch with you soon.

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